Terms & Conditions


The use of words like “we”, “us”, “this”, “website” and “our” refers to desktop-app.com website.

The terms and conditions enclosed herein on the Desktop Gold website define your use to desktop-app.com website and its material.

The defined terms and conditions apply fully in-effect to the use of this website. Accessing the website implies you completely agree to the terms and conditions written on desktop-app.com website.

However, you are strictly prohibited from using anything present on the website, in case- you disagree with any of the standard terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content on website is collected from different sources. Thus, we do not guarantee the relevancy of the provided information.

However, other than the content collected on desktop-app.com website, all the content, and material of desktop-app.com is the intellectual property of this website.

Thus, you are granted only limited rights to viewing the material contained on this website.


At all times when you open or access this website, you are restricted from all of the following:

  1. Copying, modifying, deleting, or moving the material from desktop-app.com website to any other media.
  2. Selling, promoting or commercializing of desktop-app.com website material
  3. Publicly displaying, publishing, or performing any of this website material
  4. Any sort of access to this website that may damage its content, design, images, logo, and information provided.
  5. Access to the website in a way that affects any other client or Desktop Gold user negatively
  6. Using the desktop-app.com website in contrast to what is stated in law and regulations applying to this website
  7. Using website information to promote or market your own products and services
  8. Indulgence in data mining, data extraction, data harvesting, or any other similar activities in relation to this desktop-app.com website.

Important: No user is allowed to enter or access the prohibited area of the website unless allowed by the website owner in writing. Moreover, you can be restricted to access any website area without any prior notice, at any time.

  • Additionally, if you have been provided any ID or password to avail the services provided by desktop-app.com website then, you must maintain the confidentiality of the information as well.

Website Content

The “Website content” refers to any material in form of audio, video, text, or images displayed on the website. By using the website material-in any form, you give the Company or website owner the complete right to take any legal action against your obnoxious act of not complying with the website standard terms and conditions.

In fact, your content must be your own and not something being copied from this website. Other than this, the desktop-app.com rights holder can remove any content from the website at any time without any prior notice.

No Warranties

At no pint, desktop-app.com services or owners are responsible for any information shared on the website.

In fact, the website is provided “as is” with the flaws. Also, nothing mentioned on the website shall be considered as advising you.

Limitation of liability

In no case, the website manufacturer, owner, or employees shall be held responsible for any repercussions that arise out of the use of this website or its information. And, these terms & conditions also apply, even if such liability is under contract.

About Service Subscription

This website entertains clients who have subscribed to its services. In case, you also want to avail the desktop gold services, reach them through live chat box available all time.

If you want Desktop Gold program services for one time then, also you need to pay the one-time technician fee.

Usage of Log Data & Cookies

The desktop-app.com website auto collects user’s information visiting the website. This may include your laptop make, model, processing system, IP address, and the type of queries you are searching on the website.

The main purpose of auto collecting this data is to help you serve better the next time you visit our website. However, if you don’t want to share any of your information, make sure to disable cookies from the browser settings that you are recently using to access the desktop-app.com web pages.

Additional Information

The manufacturer and owner of desktop-app.com website reserve all the rights to change or adapt any new policies or conditions with effect from future. And, at no point- the company or this website owner is liable to inform anyone including its clients about the information or policies added, modified, or removed from the desktop-app.com website.

It’s the user’s responsibility to keep reviewing all the stated policies on the website so as to stay updated. In case, any individual continues to use the website without raising an objection, it will be deemed as the person has accepted all the after policies.