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Desktop gold 205 error code- Troubleshooting Guide

Published On: December 26, 2019 Category: Error Messages

This write-up is helpful for people troubling with desktop gold 205 error code. So if you’re also dealing with the desktop gold download error 205, stay connected to get fix the issue.

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Desktop gold 205 error code

Common characteristics of desktop gold 205 error?

  • Your system starts crashing each time you try to open desktop gold software.
  • Computer become unresponsive for mouse and keyboards commands
  • An error display appears on screen with following code desktop gold error code 205’ when your try to open your emails.

Why I am getting the desktop  gold error code 205?

Determining the real culprit responsible for error code 205 is not so easy. But usually the error triggers when you have unstable and poor internet connection speed or defective web settings.

In addition to this, other reasons include:

  • Corrupt/empty/missing desktop gold source file
  • Incompatible system/Overloaded RAM
  • Defective window registry

Now if you’re looking for the solutions to fix the issue, keep reading the next section below.

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Steps to fix desktop gold 205 code error

Disable your Firewall and spyware software Temporarily

The reason you are getting desktop gold 205 error, might be the firewall program installed on your computer blocking access to desktop gold.

You need to make them disable for a while to see if you can access your desktop gold mail and chat services now.

Steps To disable your antivirus program

  1. Click on the antivirus program icon on window taskbar or system tray and right click on it
  2. Now choose disable on the list>>>confirm the settings >>>>OK

Same way, you have to disable your built-in window firewall program, for this

  1. Click on the window start button>>>>Navigate to  Control Panel section>>>>now choose the ‘Windows Firewall’ form the left pane.
  2. You will see the Turn on or off Windows Firewall’ click on it and finally allow it to disable.

Once you’re done with this, try accessing your desktop gold software again to check if it works. If you find that your desktop god icon is not working and want to fix it- read Desktop gold icon not working guide!

If this method won’t work, try the solution below

Check your Network Connection

As already mentioned in the guide, in more than 60 % of cases defective network is the main issue. In order to make your desktop gold working properly, you must have a reliable and high speed internet connection.

In case you are unable to send or receive mail due to defective internet find the recommended solutions to fix the issue: Can’t send or receive emails in Desktop gold!

However, if you are unsure for the network quality. You can apply the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Click on the network icon on window quick task bar
  2. Choose ‘open network and sharing center’>>>>>>>on the opened window, search and locate the ‘Troubleshoot problems’ option.
  3. Now allow this feature to scan for network issue. Sometimes this process takes more than 2-3 minutes so DON’T lose patience.
  4. Once the process is done, you will  get the errors with on-screen suggestions to get fix them

However you may also seek professional assistance from your ISP, if you don’t feel confident to play with your network settings.

Perform system restore

Performing system restore is recommended to eliminate issues like system window freezes out, working slow/crashing or not responding.

  1. In order to restore your system settings, first go to computer launch button>>>>type in system restore.
  2. Next, click on the system restore option>>>>on the opened window click on the Next>>>>>confirm the starting point to restore.
  3. confirm and allow the on screen instruction to proceed.

Additionally your can choose the different restore point (If available) in case the system restore won’t work. Or repeat the steps again.

Perform Resetting your web-browser

If you’ve not made your browser as a default one, you need to reset your browser settings,

For this,

  1. To start with, first you are required to close all other programs running on the computer background. Simply press the CTRL+ALT+DEL, and close the programs one by one.
  2. Now, Open Internet Explorer icon from window taskbar,>>>>>>>>>>select Tools >>>>and now choose Internet options.
  3. Under this option, Select the Advanced tab.
  4. On this window locate the Reset Internet Explorer Settings and choose Reset.
  5. Confirm the popup to allow the changes.

You need to restart your PC once after doing this. If the desktop gold software still acting sluggishly, you must uninstall and then reinstall your desktop gold again.

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