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Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not working- Troubleshooting Guide

Published On: December 6, 2019 Category: Error Messages

So your Desktop Gold Automatic Update not working. Don’t feel bothered, as you don’t need to be a computer geek to eliminate this error!

Follow the simple and quick step by step instruction to fix  issue by own.

If its automating update feature stops updating itself, there could be many reasons associated with this problems such as :

Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not working

Reason for Desktop Gold Automatic Update Error?

Reason 1 : Incompatible system

The reason why your automatic update doesn’t not work when you setup desktop gold software is due to system incompatibility. Your system doesn’t meet the essentials specification required to setup/update desktop gold on your devices.

Reason 2 : Auto-Update feature is turned off

The very obvious reason why you’re keep getting  failure message, you have disable the  Auto-update feature in settings.

Reason 3 : Your system lacks sufficient internal memory (RAM)

If your devices contains unnecessary data and junk files it will create an issue for  software to work properly. Insufficient storage leads to window crashes, improper software function and unexpected window screen outs.

In an event, if you get error code 104 while updating your desktop gold, you can read the Desktop gold 104 Troubleshooting guide.

Reason 4 : Installed desktop gold app is corrupted

Sometimes when you download desktop gold program, it contains some broken or empty links that ultimately makes it unable to operate on your device.

Reason 5 : Your devices is Infected

Yes, you read it absolutely right ! The failure to desktop gold software update can be a symptom of infected and malicious device. You would not be allowed to access any app including desktop gold if there is a presence of malware and Trojans in your system.

Reason 6 : Windows update setting is disable

Yes, another reason could be disabled window update feature that stops any changes to happen into your device.

Moreover, defective window update also leads to desktop gold unresponsive  icon issue.

Reason 7 : Poor Internet connection

Can’t update via automatic update feature? The reason can be defective network!

If there is any interruption in signal transmission, or if the signal get lost while updating software. Or if the signal strength is not strong enough, it ultimately leads to gold won’t update issue.

How to fix  automatic update not working issue?

Whenever you’re getting automatic update not working issue, the first approach to fix it should start with re-launching your PC.

Basic Solutions to Resolve Desktop Gold Automatic Update Error

  1. Un-install and re-install desktop gold software. Learn here
  2. Make sure software is download from official store

Solution 1: Restart Your Device

Doing this will eliminate and fix all the expected problems causing update won’t work issue automatically. To do so,

  1. Bring your mouse to Window start menu>>>>>Click on triangle shape power button on right
  2. Choose restart from menu. Once it is done, re-launch your software again.

If you encountered the same error message again, here is what you need to perform:

Solution 2:  Ensure your system meets essential requirements

Make sure your system must comply with the following requirements:

OS:  Windows Not less than 7 version

Memory: your system must contains at least 512 MB of free hard disk space, and minimal 1 GB of RAM
Processor: Device speed not less than 266 MHz
screen resolution: At least, 1024X768 system resolution required to run Desktop gold
Internet Connection: Safe, fast and reliable internet connection

Solution 3: Perform Disk cleanup through built-in disk cleanup tool on window

When you Automatic Update Not working, it can be due to overloaded memory. To boost your system performance, flush out the unwanted, unnecessary temporary files from your device storage to release some memory space.

There are several methods to perform disk cleanup, here you will learn the easiest way to do this:

Steps to free-up disk space:

  1. Click on the start button, and then type Disk Cleanup in the Start Search box.

Note: If you’re unable to search it, bring your mouse to window launch button>>>>select the All Programs>>>>>>>choose Accessories option>>>>>under this menu find System Tools and finally locate Disk Cleanup.

  1. A window will open up asking to choose the drive for which you need to perform clean. up. Select the drive from the drop down menu >>>>>>and click OK.
  2. On the next Disk Cleanup dialog box window , hit the Disk Cleanup tab.
  3. Select or mark tick the check boxes next to file you want to delete, and finally click Delete.

However, in case the Automatic Update Not working error still persists, you need to check your window update feature.

Does your desktop gold window freezes up or response slow? It can be a update issue!

Solution 4 : Allow window automatic update setting

You would no longer to update any app on your device if the window update feature is turned off. To fix this, see the steps below:

Learn how to enable window updates:

  1. Launch the start button from window taskbar
  2. Type ‘Update’ in the search box, and choose  Windows Update from the list of searches appeared.
  3. On the opened window update screen, select Change settings listed at the left pane, >>>>>>>> under Important updates drop down menu, choose Install updates automatically (recommended).>>>>>Finally click OK and exit.

Solution 5 : Search for “update” notification

Each time you close and restart your software it automatically updates its features. You can also update app manually by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Launch your software and Login using authenticate username and password.
  2. Navigate to ‘Help’ button on the top-right side of window and choose ‘About Desktop Gold’ from provided drop-down menu.
  3. On the opened Desktop gold about window, you can see the update notification.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the app.

Sometimes, even though you have installed the latest version on your device, you may still get encountered a message that you need to update your software. Let’s discuss why …..

Why software keeps displaying a message ‘desktop gold is not up to date’ but you already have updated?

Sometimes the software update process is not completed. Or the version is outdated. In this case, you need to check for software version you’re using and then upgrade it to the latest,  if it is older.

Now the question arise..

how do I determine which version of desktop gold I am using ?
  1. Simply, login to software with valid account credentials
  2. On the next window, search for the ‘Help’ button >>>>>> underneath this option, click on the ‘About desktop gold’ tab.>>>>>>>find and note down the version you have installed.

If you find the Software version other than 11.0.2431, keep the Desktop gold working for at least 20 minutes then close and re-open the software. Doing this will update the software automatically.

Note: To check if the latest revision update was installed successfully, repeat the above steps again to make sure you have the latest version 11.0.2431.

Let us say, if you’ve tried all the said factors but still getting the same issue? Now what?

In such a scenario, the problem is with the software you’re using! Here, you need to remove and re-add the software on your device.

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