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Can’t send or receive emails in Desktop Gold – Fixtures

Published On: December 4, 2019 Category: email error

Can’t  send or receive emails on Desktop Gold?

Getting frustrated with display error “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.” consistently while trying to reply to an email?

If yes, this write up is providing the details solutions to fix can’t send/reply to an email on your own. But before we go into solutions, it is recommended to know some of the common reasons responsible for desktop gold mail feature not working issue.

So let’s get started…

Can' send or receive emails

Why I am unable to send /receive emails through desktop gold? Common Reasons…

If you’re having a hard time replying or sending an email, the reason could be:

  • Your Desktop Gold is not connected to the internet or your device has a poor internet connection.
  • Email server is not detected or not found.
  • You haven’t done the SMTP authentication for POP and IMAP mail settings.
  • Have provided the false IMAP/ POP settings in desktop gold mail feature.
  • You might be using wrong/Incorrect account credentials.
  • There is no proxy site available to connect with the server.
  • Your Desktop Gold mail feature is overloaded with Junk email preventing other mails to generate.
  • Desktop Gold has detected some unusual activity on your mail account and block the access to operate desktop gold mail feature for security reasons.
  • The device you’re using is infected with malicious files.
  • You’re trying to send an attachment more than 25 MB.
  • You’re sending bulk emails at a time.

Wondering about the solutions now? Here are simple and basic troubleshooting step to fix desktop gold emails won’t accessible issue:

Common solutions to resolve can’t send or receive mails on Desktop Gold Issue

When you can’t send desktop gold emails but receiving or vice versa, it refers that either the problem is with your device or with desktop gold app.

First, verify that you’re inserting the correct username and password to login into desktop gold account. If you can’t login, visit the desktop gold login not working guide for detailed solutions.

By saying the desktop gold app, we mean to say either the desktop gold app is corrupted or there are some technical issues with the app that prevents loading emails.

For more information on desktop gold problems, visit desktop gold troubleshooting page now.

To fix this,

Uninstall & reinstall desktop Gold

Steps to uninstall desktop gold:

Step 1: Click on the start button>>>>>>>Go to the control panel >>>>>>choose Program.

Step 2: On the next opened window search for the  Desktop Gold software, and right-click it >>>>>A window will open up, click on the uninstall to remove the program.

Once you’re done with it, download the desktop gold app again and install desktop gold it on your device.

If you get stuck with error code 104 during desktop gold setup, read  the self help guide desktop gold 104 error code.

Now login to your desktop gold account to access your mails, if you’re still having the same problem, it means the problem is with your device. In this case, you need to perform the following steps:

Further, if you’re dealing with- desktop Gold Icon not responding, Desktop Gold icon missing error, you may read our Troubleshooting page for advance solutions.

Restart Your PC

To begin with, first, reboot your device. It will boost up your computer performance and release system internal memory to load emails faster.

Check your Internet connection

Make sure you’re using a fast and reliable internet connection to send and receive emails in real-time without any delay.  Poor internet connection leads to connection breakage.

It is possible that your device is completely connected with a fast internet connection and fully occupied with all essentials setups, but still troubling you to access emails. In this scenario, you need turn off your antivirus software.

Can’t send Desktop Gold mail on IOS? It can be an software update issue!  To learn more, read Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not working- Troubleshooting Guide.

Disable your Antivirus/Firewall Software

One of the most likely reasons why your Desktop Gold mail not receiving emails is security software you’ve installed on your devices. Disable your firmware for a couple of minutes and try again to load your emails.

More than 65% of people get rid of their error by simple trying above said points. If you’re one of those who are still getting the same error after many attempts, here is what you need to do…

Unable to send or receive emails in Desktop Gold – Advance troubleshooting

Follow the steps in the same order as listed below to fix desktop Gold emails not receiving error:

Delete all enlisted filters

Sometimes the new email get assigned to a particular folder instead of getting listed under inbox if you have created some filters. Thus, deleting such preset filters will be helpful in fixing desktop gold email not sending/receiving error.

To do so,

1: Login into Desktop gold mail using authenticate credentials.

2: Navigate to setting button on the top-right of window and click on it.

3: now, Go to the filter settings.>>>>under this option, If you find any filter available, select and delete them.

Check your email Configurations

If you can’t send emails on desktop gold app, you need to check your POP and IMAP settings.  Make sure your IMAP configuration  is set to following  input for given fields:

Incoming Server name-

Outgoing server name-

Incoming port no- 993

Outgoing port no- 465

SSL Type – Yes.

If you’ve selected POP Server configuration, it should match with the following inputs  –

Incoming Server name-

Outgoing server name-

Incoming port no- 995

Outgoing port no- 465

SSL Type- Yes.

Important:  If you’re using desktop gold mail on Mac, it automatically adapts the IMAP/POP setting supporting desktop gold mail feature when you attempt to sync your desktop gold mail with Mac mail.

Update your email client

If you’re accessing your desktop gold mails on third-party email applications such as Outlook, thunderbird, always keep them updated. The reason you’re unable to send/receive e-mail in Outlook/IOS, it doesn’t support the desktop gold mails security features and creating an issue.

So simply go to the outlook setting and see for the update notification. If you find any, follow the onscreen instruction to update it.

Disable Your spam Setting

Another possible reason why you can’t forward or receive emails, you have enabled your spam settings of the desktop gold mail account.

In order to stop your new mails from directly going to the junk folder, here is what you need to perform:

1: Sign in to mail account with username and password.

2: Navigate to the spam folder, double click on it.

3: Now select the email and click on not spam option listed on the top.

Follow the mailing guidelines

If you can’t reply to an email it might possible that you’re trying to send a particular message to more than 100 recipients. Using desktop gold mail you’re limited to send emails no more than 100 recipients per message or 500 recipients per connection.

Same way, you can’t attach the file exceeding 25 MB of storage. So if you’re getting the mail sending error make sure you’re not violating the above-said rules.

Note: If you can’t send an email with an attachment, first download it and then attached, instead of directly copying it to compose email window.

In case, if you’re still unable to fix this issue, you may seek professional assistance!