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Download Desktop Gold on different Operating System

Whether you are new to Desktop Gold or an existing member of Gold software, simply pick your Windows OS version below and browse through the following steps to get your genuine Desktop Gold download link.


Steps to download Desktop Gold on windows 7

Here're your step-by-step instructions to download Desktop Gold free:

  • Update the web browser you want to use for downloading Desktop Gold software.
  • Once it upgrades with latest features, double-click on the same browser icon to launch it.
    For better understanding, we are taking an example of Google Chrome. However, you may use any other windows supporting browser as well to get your Desktop Gold on device.
Download Desktop Gold for Windows 7
  • Now, after you open Google Chrome, tap on three dot like button at top-right corner to choose the Settings >>> Advanced >>> Privacy and security >>> Site Settings >>> Pop-up and re-directs.
  • Then, turn-off the pop-up blocker by pressing the Green button. Save these settings and open a new tab on the Chrome window.
  • Go to link and sign in your account using valid email address and password. If you don't have the account, create one by following this link .
  • Next, open My benefits page and tap on Buy membership button to get the Desktop Gold product in your email list.

In case, you already have the membership, move to next section.

Desktop Gold Download on Windows 8

Windows 8 users can follow these below steps to download Desktop Gold on their device:

  • If you are new to Desktop Gold, open any supporting browser window from Start menu.
  • Then, go to login and tap on Create Account button to have an official Desktop Gold account. In case, you already have an activated email address with desktop gold, AIM, or Verizon domain then, go to step 3.
  • Tap on Options (below your displayed username) and select My Products from the list.
Download Desktop Gold for Windows 8
  • If you can see Desktop Gold product on the opened webpage, it means you are already a subscribed Advantage plan member of Desktop Gold.
  • All you need is tap on Desktop gold download link and get the software on your computer.
    You may refer next section in case; you need detailed help to download Desktop Gold on your windows 8 device.
  • However, if no product is there on your itinerary, you must again tap on OPTIONS (under username) to choose 'Manage my subscription' from pulled down menu.
  • On the next webpage, go to Premium subscription and buy Desktop Gold membership for further free access to Desktop Gold.
  • As soon, you tap on buy Desktop Gold premium membership button, you will be redirected to a page asking for your credit card details.
    Note: Make sure to type the details of an account that has minimum of $5.00 balance at the beginning of each month.
  • If your provided card details are correct, you'll get a Congratulation message on screen. Plus, this will give you the access to your Desktop Gold Software that you can download anytime!

Download Desktop Gold Desktop on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version by Microsoft which is easy to use for download of Gold Desktop. All you need to do is-execute the below steps:

  • Old Desktop Gold users can right away jump to step 4. Rest, can begin with step 2 in this Desktop Gold download procedure.
  • New user of Desktop Gold can click on this linkto create an account with Desktop Gold, AIM, or Verizon domain.
  • Next, login with Desktop GOld email with registered credentials and click on Get Membership button to purchase Desktop Gold product. You need to click on OPTIONS >>> Manage my subscription >>> Buy Premium membership button to get Desktop gold product under My Products section.
Download Desktop Gold for Windows 10
  • Next, login Desktop Gold email with registered credentials and click on Get Membership button to purchase Desktop Gold product. In case, you want to try the Desktop Gold product before making a final purchase, tap on Try it for 30 days button to get the trial membership.
  • You need to make one-time payment, even if you just want to try your hands for one-time on Desktop Gold product.
  • Once Desktop Gold receives your payment for the purchase and download of Desktop Gold software, you will get an acknowledgement as Congratulation message.

After the purchase, you can refer the next section to download Desktop Gold on PC.

Steps to Desktop Gold download for varied membership Plans

Following Desktop Gold download guidelines will help you setup the software on your computer or laptop. So, choose your membership from the given options and abide by the stated Desktop Gold download instructions.


Desktop GOld Download for Advantage Plan Members

If you have purchased Advanced Plan membership to avail the Desktop gold service - execute the steps as given:

  • Open any supporting web browser on your computer and go to Desktop Gold email login link to sign in your account.
  • After you get inside your Desktop Gold email account, go to MyBenefits page and find the Desktop Gold download link.
  • Under 'All products' if you can locate the Desktop Gold download button, tap on to begin the download process.
    Note: You may even change the destination folder of Desktop Gold download to easily access the Desktop Gold installer later.
  • Next, click on YES button in the prompted box to begin the Gold Desktop download process.

If your download completes, go for Desktop Gold installation.

Plan Members

Desktop Gold download process for trial members is slightly different. All you need is Desktop Gold trial subscription plan and follow the steps as given.

  • Open a web browser and go to desktop gold login page to sign in MY Accounts Page of Desktop Gold.
  • After you enter the Account homepage, tap on My Services >>>> Subscriptions, to open the webpage containing Desktop Gold download link.
  • You need to click on Desktop Gold product box before finally reaching the link to download Desktop Gold.
  • Then, you need to find and click on the Desktop Gold download button. During this step, you may even change the destination folder for the Desktop Gold file.
  • Finally, click on Download link and allow the file to get onto your computer or laptop.
Trial Members

System requirements to download Desktop Gold on Windows

You can get Gold desktop on Windows 7, 8, or 10, after your computer or laptop fulfills the following hardware and software requirements.

Important: To check and compare the following specs with your device, open Control Panel >>> System settings from Windows Start menu.

Updated Windows 7

To start, ensure the installed Windows 7 on your device is updated recently. This will keep the download Desktop Gold process easy and error-free!

Fast Computer Processor

The processor speed must be atleast 266 MHz so that the computer can download 90 MB of Desktop Gold file faster.

Screen Resolution

The computer display must be standard with dimensions 1024x768. However, if you want to change the resolution then, go for more than the given display size.

Device Memory

We recommend using a computer that has at least 1 GB RAM.

Hard Disk Space

Desktop Gold installer size is 90 MB. That means, your device must have more than double the hard disk space of the Desktop Gold file size.

Our recommendation is 512 MB at least. Because after download, the Desktop gold will require more space to setup.

Network Connection

If you don't have enough time to sit back, make sure your Internet connection is fast and secure. So, the Desktop gold file can download faster with no tampering.

Email, AIM, or Verizon email address

If you are new to Desktop Gold then, firstly- you need to sign up for Desktop Gold. Otherwise, old members of Desktop Gold software can access their already created email address with Desktop Gold, AIM or Verizon domain.

Once, your computer or laptop meets these above prerequisites- it’s time to start with Desktop Gold download.

System Requirements

Still can’t download Desktop Gold?

Check out for the following errors on your device OR Desktop Gold email to get the relevant solution.

Error 1: Desktop Gold Download Error 104

When Desktop Gold download process stops in-between and display an error window with code 104, then here’s what you need to do:

  • Scan your windows device and remove the reported malware that controls and stop the Desktop gold download.
  • Secondly, ensure your computer or laptop meets all the system requirements described for Desktop Gold download. You may even refer the next section to check the system compatibility for Desktop Gold download on windows.
  • Other than this, make sure you are downloading Gold Desktop software on updated version of windows. Because using an outdated version won’t allow Desktop Gold installer to download on the system.
  • In case, you have recently updated anything on your Windows OS, then- SYSTEM RESTORE is the best way to get the Desktop Gold software on your computer.

You may ask the experts for the detailed process of any of the above troubleshooting instructions.

System Requirements
System Requirements

Error 2: Desktop Gold Download Windows keeps crashing

Does your Desktop Gold download window disappear all of a sudden? Are you tired of tapping on Desktop Gold download link? Check out these fixes, then:

  • First and foremost, check the hard disk space, where you are trying to download Gold software. If it is less than 512 MB then, you should either change the download Desktop Gold location or create more space by deleting the files.
  • Run a system check through Windows boot process and confirm there’s no hardware issue with the RAM.
    In case, you get a message reporting RAM crash or space available then, contact your device manufacturer for replacement of RAM.
  • In case, you feel space is not the issue for Desktop Gold download failure then, scan your PC>>> try to find malware >>>> remove the infected files.
  • You should also compare and check the Desktop GOld system requirements to download Desktop Gold (defined in above section). If you miss any of the described prerequisites, consider it as a reason for Desktop Gold download failure. IN fact, try to fix it first and then, again go for Desktop Gold download on windows 7, 8, or 10.

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What makes Desktop Gold favorite for users?

There are several added benefits and advanced features in Desktop Gold 2019 version, which makes the program best for all. You may avail all these features after becoming Desktop Gold Plan members.


Enhanced Security

Desktop Gold has recently launched 2-step verification process to secure the accounts from intruders and spammers. You need to activate the service in case; you are looking to make the Desktop Gold accounts more secure.

Automatic Desktop Gold update

With automatic Desktop Gold update, it has now become easy to access the new version next time you login Desktop Gold. In other words, your old Desktop Gold automatically gets replaced by the newer Desktop Gold.

Increased Encryption

With increasing threats on Desktop Gold mail feature, the software has now launched a new kind of encryption software. This feature will keep all your email and other Desktop Gold data in unreadable form for intruders.

Improved Speed

With great improvements and added features in Desktop Gold, the software now also works at a better speed. To test, you should access Desktop Gold and see the difference!

Easy Transition from old Desktop Gold

While you install the Desktop Gold software, the new Desktop GOld will now import all your old emails, contacts, and favorites automatically from old Desktop Gold.

Simple and Easy to use Frame

The font and format of new Desktop Gold software has been kept same as old Desktop Gold to ensure no old users of Desktop Gold are bothered by the access of software.

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